What´s in my delivery hospital bag

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  • On June 5, 2017
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What´s in my delivery hospital bag

hospital-bag-baby-motherhood-tiny-cottons-fashionvibe What´s in my delivery hospital bag

*One of my favourite pieces from Tinycottons, I´m taking with my to the hospital

Hi everyone and I hope you are having a great month so far. I am already on week 39 waiting for my baby to come. They are moments of excitement but also very tough at the same time. I feel like I can´t control my body anymore and the preasure given to the extra weight on my belly is getting worse and worse. Fingers crossed I will give birth this week, so I will get to see my baby´s face soon 🙂

This whole motherhood thing is a completely new chapter for me and I feel a bit lost. However I´m trying my best to be ready and enjoy every minute of it.

Many of you are curious to  know what´s in my delivery hospital bag, so I decided to make a dedicated post with everything I packed.



*  4-5 nightdresses (depending how many nights you will spend in the hospital…in my case is 4 nights), with bottons in the front, so it makes easier to breastfeed, and a robe. I´m also taking a couple of old t-shirts for the labor

*  A pair of slippers or flip-flops. I´m getting my Birkenstocks in white cause I love how comfortable they are and they are perfect for the warm days I´m going to spend in the hospital

*  Towels, Hair Brush, Hairbands, Natural Sponge, Toothbrush, Toothpaste

*  4-5 Maternity Bras and 10 Cotton Underwear

* A comfy outfit for the day I leave the hospital. A long white rib dress and a blue shirt works for me
* 3 Pair of Socks
* Fresh face beauty products such as Tonic Water or Mist Water Spray, Moisturizing Cream, Face Oil
* Books, MacBook, Computer, Music, Movies. Anything to cheer me up during my contractions adventure
* Make-up
* Cotton Maternity Pads (2 packs)
* Breast Pads (I recommend you the brand Medela)
* Eye Mask and Ear Plugs

hospital-bag-baby-motherhood-dior-cosmetics What´s in my delivery hospital baghospital-bag-baby-motherhood-chloe-shower-gel What´s in my delivery hospital baghospital-bag-baby-motherhood-stokke What´s in my delivery hospital bag


* 4 Sleepsuits and 4 Vests (even if it´s summer the baby needs to be warm because of the air condition)

* 1 Cardigan (light summer one)

* Baby Blanket

* 2 Baby Towels 

* Baby Car Seat

* 5 Pair of SocksBaby Gloves, Hat

* Nappies (1 pack)

* Shower Gel, Natural Sponge, Hair Brush

hospital-bag-baby-motherhood-fashionvibe-dior-life What´s in my delivery hospital baghospital-bag-baby-motherhood-pajamas What´s in my delivery hospital bag

*One of my nightdresses and robe from Oysho

DSC_5866 What´s in my delivery hospital bag

*My favourite baby care products by Sophie La Girafe

hospital-bag-baby-motherhood-fashionvibe What´s in my delivery hospital bag

*Checking the last details in my baby´s room. Bed by Stokke

hospital-bag-baby-motherhood-fashionvibe-zina-charkoplia What´s in my delivery hospital bag

*Essentials: Miss Dior Perfume, Dior LIFE Mask, Lip Sugar Scrub, & Other Stories Coco Body Wash

hospital-bag-baby-motherhood What´s in my delivery hospital baghospital-bag-baby-motherhood-fashionvibe-shampoo What´s in my delivery hospital bag

Thanks For Reading!!!

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