Rocking Paris

  • Posted by fashionvibe
  • On October 3, 2013
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paris-fashion-week-252C-after-acne-show-252C-womens-fw-252C-zina-charkoplia-252C-street-style Rocking Paris

paris-fashion-week-252C-checks-252C-red-252C-jacket-252C-zina-charkoplia-252C-fashionvibe Rocking Paris

red-checks-252C-paris-252C-jacket Rocking Paris

balenciaga-boots-252C-zina-252C-charkoplia-252C-fashionvibe-252C-paris Rocking Paris

leather-black-top-252C-zara-252C-leather-skirt-252C-zippers-252C-zina-charkoplia-252C-paris Rocking Paris

proenza-schouler-bag-252C-black-252C-ps-tiny-11-252C-paris-fashion-week-252C-details-252C-zina-charkoplia-252C-fashionvibe Rocking Paris

paris-bridge-252C-checks-jacket-252C-fashion-week-252C-balenciaga-shoes Rocking Paris
DSC_0118 Rocking Paris

Ellery-show-252C-paris-252C-fashion-week-252C-fashionvibe-252C-front-row Rocking Paris

ellery Rocking Paris

ellery-show Rocking Paris

ellery-show-252C-zina-charkoplia-252C-prints-252C-fashion-week-252C-paris Rocking Paris
DSC_0138 Rocking Paris
Skirt: Zara (Similar), Shoes: Balenciaga, Jacket: Zara (Similar), Bag: Proenza Schouler, Sunglasses: Spektre, Top: Zara (Similar)
Paris Fashion Week ended today and I’m finally back to Barcelona! I have been travelling so much lately and I guess it’s time to stop for a while and stay at home. I need to relax a little bit and spend time on myself 😉
I have loads of pictures from Paris though and I will post them really soon…
One of the shows I like the most is Ellery. Amazing silhouettes, strict patterns and abstract prints in black and white shades. I loved it!
During the day I was wearing a leather skirt with zippers on the sides, a plaid short wool jacket in red, a leather top, Balenciaga boots and my PS11 Tiny. What do you think? xx
The pictures of my look were taken by: Kimberly Denise
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