You Will Love This Chloe Dress!!!

  • Posted by fashionvibe
  • On February 6, 2017
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chloe-dress-fashionvibe-fur You Will Love This Chloe Dress!!!

You Will Love This Chloe Dress!

I know I have been gone for a while, but my pregnancy (even if it´s a good and an easy one), makes things go a little bit slower. At this point I won´t tell you more about my personal life hehe. Maybe a bit later 🙂

Spring is coming, hopefully soon, but I still have so many wintery looks left to show you, since it´s still cold outside.

Today is all about this beautiful Chloe dress in burgundy. Who doesnt love romantic? If you are this kind of girl, wear this for Valentine´s day and you will steal his heart!

I chose to wear this amazing silk dress with Dr. Martens boots, in order to make it a bit more grunge and less sophisticated. I added this amazing furry big scarf (I know I look like “The Revenant”), because I didn´t want to cover the dress with a big coat. As for a bag, I think it looks cool with my GG Gucci in velvet!

What do you think?

Dress by Chloe // Boots by Dr. Martens // Bag by Gucci // Fur by Santa Eulalia // Earrings by Zara


chloe-dress-gucci-bag-fashionvibe You Will Love This Chloe Dress!!!chloe-dress-fashion-zina-charkoplia-fashionvibe You Will Love This Chloe Dress!!!chloe-dress-burgundy-fashionvibe You Will Love This Chloe Dress!!!chloe-dress-romantic-fashionvibe You Will Love This Chloe Dress!!!chloe-dress-fashionvibe-boots-silk- You Will Love This Chloe Dress!!!

Ph: Pol Martinez

Thanks For Reading!!!

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