Marbles, Neoprenes & Celine Bags

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  • On November 25, 2013
zara-skirt-zina-charkoplia-high-boots-elegant-chic-blogger-brand-fashionvibe Marbles, Neoprenes & Celine Bags
Skirt: Zara, Bag: Celine, Boots: Zara, Neoprene Jacket: H&M, Shirt: Zara, Coat: Zara

Hi everyone, sorry I haven’t posted for the past few days but sometimes it’s really hard for me to find the time to post everyday…I wish I could. In a week I’m off to Paris again for work and I’m sure it’s gonna be freezing cold. I definitely need to get warm clothes with me cause I’m gonna be around the stores the most of the time :/
Back to my look, I’m wearing a super cool skirt and shirt from Zara in this marble print and I have to admit it’s really interesting and different. I think it’s the key item of this season and I love it!
I put them together with a neoprene biker jacket I got from H&M ages ago, a pair of suede over the knee boots, a white coat from Zara and my Celine bag. 
I hope you like it zara-skirt-zina-charkoplia-high-boots-elegant-chic-blogger-brand-fashionvibe Marbles, Neoprenes & Celine Bags Have an amazing week everyone! xx
Hola a todos! Desde hoy empiezo de nuevo a escribir en castellano, o al menos lo intentare zara-skirt-zina-charkoplia-high-boots-elegant-chic-blogger-brand-fashionvibe Marbles, Neoprenes & Celine Bags 
Hace un par de días que no publico pero muchas veces me resulta imposible :/
En una semana estoy en Paris de nuevo y necesito llevar ropa súper caliente porque seguramente la temperatura será bastante baja.

Volviendo a mi look de hoy: llevo una falda y una camisa que me compre el otro día en Zara en un estampado “marmol” y creo que es la clave de esta temporada. Es bastante especial pero se combina super facil y para mi es un “SI”! Combinado con unas botas por encima de la rodilla, una chaqueta de neopreno que me la compre hace tiempo de H&M y mi precioso bolso Celine zara-skirt-zina-charkoplia-high-boots-elegant-chic-blogger-brand-fashionvibe Marbles, Neoprenes & Celine Bags 

Espero que os guste y nos vemos prontito por aqui. Un beso

Photography: Carola de Armas

zara-skirt-zina-charkoplia-high-boots-elegant-chic-blogger-brand-fashionvibe Marbles, Neoprenes & Celine Bags
zara-skirt-zina-charkoplia-high-boots-elegant-chic-blogger-brand-fashionvibe Marbles, Neoprenes & Celine Bags
zara-skirt-zina-charkoplia-high-boots-elegant-chic-blogger-brand-fashionvibe Marbles, Neoprenes & Celine Bags
zara-skirt-zina-charkoplia-high-boots-elegant-chic-blogger-brand-fashionvibe Marbles, Neoprenes & Celine Bags
zara-skirt-zina-charkoplia-high-boots-elegant-chic-blogger-brand-fashionvibe Marbles, Neoprenes & Celine Bags
zara-skirt-zina-charkoplia-high-boots-elegant-chic-blogger-brand-fashionvibe Marbles, Neoprenes & Celine Bags
zara-skirt-zina-charkoplia-high-boots-elegant-chic-blogger-brand-fashionvibe Marbles, Neoprenes & Celine Bags
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  • Marta González Rubio

    These high boots are so sexy and chic, Love them! Perfect look, the handbag is really special, it’s perfect for this look. You look great with this hairstyle

  • MásQueRopa

    que monas las botas!

  • Silvia

    Me chifla el look!! Las botas son una pasada!!! estás muy guapa!!
    Un beso!

  • La Petite Olga

    Such a gorgeous look!
    Loving the pattern of the skirt!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  • Mira

    Wow you look amazing. Love the cool skirt and the booties are to die for.

    xx Mira

  • k come karolina

    fantastic look!

    xoxo from rome

  • Monas de Seda

    Really beautiful outfit.

    ◈✾◈✾◈Outfit-Monas de Seda◈✾◈✾◈

  • Lyn

    What a great blouse & skirt!
    I’m in love with the marble-print trend! Have a nice week xxx

  • Lulu Monema

    Stunning look.
    Thanks for your comment.
    If you want to follow me, do not hesitate to subscribe to my blog.
    Very soon.

  • Luba Dimitrova

    Fantastica con el abrigo blanco Zina y con estos aires Balenciaga que tiene la camisa !

    XX Luba

    Look “preppy” ideal para la oficina, hoy en

  • Nadruki

    Nice boots and skirt;)

  • Caroline

    definitely amazing !!! head to toe perfectly matched

  • fran

    eres lo mas! gran look


  • Su nd Chris

    I fell in love with your boots and the skirt! Awesome pieces and they look perfect together!

    xx Su

  • Michalina

    this outfit is beyond amazing!! <3

  • ShoesManiac

    Love the white coat!

  • Live-Style20

    nice look ;-))

    new post

  • The Fashann Monster

    The marble print is so gorgeous, it reminds me a little of the Balenciaga paint chips.

    The Fashann Monster

  • Jana

    Great outfit. Love the skirt and the boots!


  • Francesca Giagnorio

    I love this marble coord! You look stunning <3

  • M.S.M

    Love the boos and skirt!

    PINK coat + PLAID shirt + TWEED?… don’t miss this FEMININE and SWEET outfit:::


  • I’m Just Me

    love the outfit!

  • Debby

    Can I have all the pieces to this outfit?!

    xoxo Debby

  • Sveva
  • Gabrielle

    This is just GORGEOUS!! love everything and for me, you’re the best blogger in the world!! <3

  • Dominika Mrázová

    oh I adore your boots!! you look gorgeous!

  • Miss Kutsu

    Beautiful black and white look! I love the mix of fabrics, and the pattern is great!

  • Q
  • Lucy L.

    love it and u are right marble print rocks this season for sure, excellent look :)

  • The Fashion Panda
  • nAiLee cHic

    Very elegant


  • Leesa

    totally adore the outfit!

  • toujoursAnja

    Beautiful, I like every single piece of it!

  • Rachel

    love the marble and monochrome :) that white coat is stunning!

    Rachel x
    Style Soup

  • Mary-Kate

    I love this Mix of prints<3

  • claudia villanueva

    Love the skirt, it has a beautiful print and shape!

  • Estefania Laguna Etchemendi

    Una pasad de look guapisima ,tienes un estilazo,mil besos.

  • VogueandBreakfast

    Perfecta como siempre. Vas preciosa, me encanta esa falda!!!

  • Kathya Stryzak

    Buen dia..Look mas que precioso..ame la bolsa que maravilla! besoss

  • Viktoria


  • Becky P

    Oh my god I can’t… This is beyond perfect! Everything is so well put together! I am in love with that jacket, I’ve never seen it before! And finish touch – beautiful white coat. I am speechless xx

  • Adelajda
  • Elisa Taviti

    In love with the boot and the coat!

    Elisa – My Fantabulous World

  • walktoclick

    muy guapa y las botas te hacen parecer super altaaaaaa jejeje


  • MrsVain

    beautiful over knee boots!
    kisses, Mrs Vain

  • Marta Escandón

    Me he enamorado de la falda!! <3


  • saralookbook*

    que pasada de botas, las tendria en todos los estilos asi altas, no me canso de ellas !

  • Patricia Ayuso
  • shandyBabe freeman

    I love this entire look! I have to say everything is right on point!!

  • erica jensen

    Love the boots 😉

  • LaraBeTheOne

    Pure perfection :)

  • Melissa dv

    that shirt is gorgeous x

  • Handbags for Less

    Stunning look, sexy boots.

  • lena

    beautiful! love the skirt and your overknees!

  • Ana Pejkanovic

    Gorgeous!!!! I am in love with that white coat. Just amazing.

  • Enikő Schmidt

    Amazing outfit! Love the skirt so much and it matches great with the shirt!

  • Marjolein | NeverTooPolished

    The neoprene biker jacket might be an oldie, but it sure is a goodie. It’s gorgeous!
    And so are the boots and bag. Have fun in Paris…


  • Dressing in Labels

    Lovely outfit!

    xxx Karen –

  • Marie

    Lovely outfit, so classy!

  • anaBleng

    Seguro que te habrás dado cuenta, pero por si acaso te lo digo: ya hace algún que otro mes que es imposible subir fotos directamente a Blogger porque pierden muchísimo la calidad. Yo desde que me di cuenta las he empezado a subir a imageshack (aunque da el doble de trabajo) pero luego en los resultados se nota. Y con los fotones que subes tú, ganarían mucho más!! Hay que hacer una queja a Blogger porque esto no puede ser…!

    En cuanto al look, perfecta como siempre. Estoy segura de que esa camisa la utilizarás un montón porque no pasará de moda y es muy elegante.

    Besitos (:


  • manuwears

    amazing black&white look ! love the coat <3
    xoxo manu

  • Milagros Plaza

    Gorgeous. Love your style Zina. You rock.

  • CodeOverdressed

    Stunning! You are rocking those over the knee boots!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  • Eva (Creativity and Chocolate)

    I absolutely adore the prints of the shorts and shirt and put together they make an amazing outfit! xx


    I returned the shirt today, not worth his price! But got the skirt too; nice combo though!

  • Lucy Mason

    I love everything! Great look xx

  • Casi
  • JussstFashion

    This is a really great look! That coat is amazing. X

  • Jony

    You look lovely. The marble print is perfect!

    x Jony

  • Ángela Bastos

    Nice outfit!!


    Yo, yo misma y mi armario

  • Ericka Garcia

    Love the jacket! :)

    Ericka of

  • vanessa mensah

    absolutely love the print on your outfit, perfect match with the knew high boots!

  • diamondsandpebbles

    i love this whole look, especially the boots!

  • It’s About L.A

    Love your shirt, the photos are really nice!

  • missfuckingfashion

    love the boots!

    lots of love!

  • Joana Sá

    So beautiful Zina! Love it

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  • Iren Pokydchenko

    So stylish look!!

    xoxo Iren

  • monkeyshines ♥

    stunning details!



    I love the black and white! So chic!

  • Stephanie G


    steph /

  • Nathalie Alexandra

    love the look !!
    have fun in paris !!


  • Honorata

    In love with the entire look:)

  • Maud Schellekens

    Those boots are to die for!

    XOXO Maud


  • Michelle
  • Wietske
  • Marber Loop

    Me encanta el look!! Súper elegante! La botas son una pasada. Un besito
    Te dejo mi blog con el último outfit!

  • Alexandra Diana Catanoaia

    OMG!! You look fabulous!! Those boots and bag <3
    The white coat is gorgeous!

  • Andrea Vytlačilová

    Great outfit! Loving the pictures! :)

  • Tamara
  • Sophie Burkitt

    Killer boots! love them :)

  • i heart fashion

    love the styling of this look.its is such a great shirt,interesting print
    might have to purchase it myself
    hope u can drop by